> Why we can't always help everyone | Beautiful Freak Tattoo & Mixed Arts

We would like to help everyone who sends us e-mails or walks into the shop. Sadly enough, this is impossible. Why? Because we simply get too many requests. That’s why we have to make choices, every time.

We have the luxury to choose the projects and ideas we like best and that are completely in our own style, this means we are very motivated to start every new project we accept. And that is absolutely amazing! Not only for us, but also for our customers, because the result will be way more beautiful if both the artist and the customer are in love with this project. And that’s what you deserve: a beautiful result, it is for life after all!

That’s why you should always look for an artist who loves to work in the style you prefer. If we’re not able to help you, but we know an artist who would, we will try to refer you to a more suitable artist.

Sometimes styles and preferences can change, Vincent used to like to work in polynesian style, Eva in the cute comic style, not any more. Why? Just because. Evolution.