> Appointments / Waitingtimes | Beautiful Freak Tattoo & Mixed Arts

We work by appointment only, also for discussing designs.

We never make appointments longer than 2-3 months ahead, this way we get the chance to finish projects before taking new ones and customers with work in progress can get priority to finish their tattoos.

If you need a discussion, we plan this shortly before your first tattoo-appointment.

We don’t have flash or books from which you can choose a design. All designs are unique and personal.

If you are interested in a tattoo please use our contactform to briefly explain your idea (placement, size, inspiration, keywords,...).

Every idea will be discussed with the artist of your choice and if he or she is up for your project, you can get an appointment or a place on their waitinglist (depending on the artist).

By accepting only the projects that are completely in our own style we can keep the waitinglists shorter and create more beautiful pieces.

We try to finish projects in progress before taking new ones, sometimes projects turn out to be a lot bigger than planned, sometimes people change their minds and don’t want to be on the list anymore. We can’t predict everything, so waitingtimes may vary...