> Aftercare | Beautiful Freak Tattoo & Mixed Arts

To get the best possible result in terms of colours and smoothness, we advice you to accurately follow our instructions!

Approximately 3 hours after your tattoo is finished, you can remove the plastic foil.
Wash your tattoo carefully with lukewarm water and ph-neutral soap, don’t use a sponge or washcloth. Don’t clean the tattoo with alcohol.
Don’t rub dry but carefully pat dry with a clean towel.
Let the tattoo rest for a few hours so the superficial skin can close.

Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream / ointment (with clean, washed hands!), gently massage until the cream is completely absorbed.
Repeat this 3 times a day, until the crusts are all gone (10 to 15 days).

Refresh your sheets before you go to sleep the first night.
Even if the crusts are gone after 2 weeks, keep taking care of the tattoo to prevent your skin to dry out.

During the healing period:

Don’t wear synthetic fabrics, jeans or nylon stockings, only cotton.
Don’t take baths, showers are allowed but be carefull with soap and shampoo, don’t put the nozzle directly on your tattoo.
Don’t take sauna’s or taning beds, don’t go swimming and don’t expose your skin directly to the sun.
Don’t scratch, leave the crusts as long as possible and just wait.
Never touch your tattoo with dirty hands!

If you’re not sure about something, please contact us.