Frequently Asked Questions - Tattoo | Beautiful Freak Tattoo & Mixed Arts

We work by appointment only, also for discussing designs.

We never make appointments longer than 2-3 months ahead, this way we get the chance to finish projects before taking new ones and customers with work in progress can get priority to finish their tattoos.

If you need a discussion, we plan this shortly before your first tattoo-appointment.

We don’t have flash or books from which you can choose a design. All designs are unique and personal.

If you are interested in a tattoo please use our contactform to briefly explain your idea (placement, size, inspiration, keywords,...).

Every idea will be discussed with the artist of your choice and if he or she is up for your project, you can get an appointment or a place on their waitinglist (depending on the artist).

By accepting only the projects that are completely in our own style we can keep the waitinglists shorter and create more beautiful pieces.

We try to finish projects in progress before taking new ones, sometimes projects turn out to be a lot bigger than planned, sometimes people change their minds and don’t want to be on the list anymore. We can’t predict everything, so waitingtimes may vary...


We would like to help everyone who sends us e-mails or walks into the shop. Sadly enough, this is impossible. Why? Because we simply get too many requests. That’s why we have to make choices, every time.

We have the luxury to choose the projects and ideas we like best and that are completely in our own style, this means we are very motivated to start every new project we accept. And that is absolutely amazing! Not only for us, but also for our customers, because the result will be way more beautiful if both the artist and the customer are in love with this project. And that’s what you deserve: a beautiful result, it is for life after all!

That’s why you should always look for an artist who loves to work in the style you prefer. If we’re not able to help you, but we know an artist who would, we will try to refer you to a more suitable artist.

Sometimes styles and preferences can change, Vincent used to like to work in polynesian style, Eva in the cute comic style, not any more. Why? Just because. Evolution.

In general, we don’t do cover ups. We get a lot of opportunities where we can do our own thing, on a blank canvas, and of course we prefer to take these instead of being restricted to someone else’s work, this way the results are much more qualitative.

Especially with dotwork it’s impossible to cover a tattoo, because there’s always part of the underlying skin visible.

Usually we recommend you first take some lasersessions until the tattoo is faded and we can work over it again.

To get the best possible result in terms of colours and smoothness, we advice you to accurately follow our instructions!

Approximately 3 hours after your tattoo is finished, you can remove the plastic foil.
Wash your tattoo carefully with lukewarm water and ph-neutral soap, don’t use a sponge or washcloth. Don’t clean the tattoo with alcohol.
Don’t rub dry but carefully pat dry with a clean towel.
Let the tattoo rest for a few hours so the superficial skin can close.

Apply a thin layer of Bepanthen cream / ointment (with clean, washed hands!), gently massage until the cream is completely absorbed.
Repeat this 3 times a day, until the crusts are all gone (10 to 15 days).

Refresh your sheets before you go to sleep the first night.
Even if the crusts are gone after 2 weeks, keep taking care of the tattoo to prevent your skin to dry out.

During the healing period:

Don’t wear synthetic fabrics, jeans or nylon stockings, only cotton.
Don’t take baths, showers are allowed but be carefull with soap and shampoo, don’t put the nozzle directly on your tattoo.
Don’t take sauna’s or taning beds, don’t go swimming and don’t expose your skin directly to the sun.
Don’t scratch, leave the crusts as long as possible and just wait.
Never touch your tattoo with dirty hands!

If you’re not sure about something, please contact us.

If you booked sessions on consecutive days or have to travel a while or just want to spend more than one day at the belgian coast, here you can find accommodations nearby:

Hotel aan zee (Free breakfast for our customers and free motorcycle-parking! - Only if you book directly with the hotel, don't use bookingsites)

Hotel Soll Cress 10% discount for our customers!

B&B Benvenuti

Parkhotel De Panne

Ibis De Panne

On you can also find accommodations and touristic info about the area.

The easiest way to reach us by public transport is to take a train till railway station De Panne (find timetables and extra info on and from there you can take the ‘kusttram’ (coast tram) till the stop Koksijde, Sint-Idesbald. From there it’s a 500-meter walk till our shop (Strandlaan 212).



New adress from November 14, 2015:

Koninklijke baan 237, Koksijde

With public transport you can take bus 69 or the ‘kusttram’ (coast tram) until stop ‘Ster der Zee’. the busstop is right in front of the building, the tramstop is at Hotel Sollcress (100m).

You can park your car at the Koninklijke Baan or the Bugeaudlaan. There’s also a parking at Ster der Zee (turn into Professor Blanchardlaan at the traffic lights at hotel Sollcress). From there you can take the pedestrian tunnel under the main road)

It’s impossible to say in advance how much a tattoo will cost. This depends on your skintype, placement,  the design, details, colors, how long you can withstand a session, etc... Every project is different and we can never predict the final price or how long it will take to finish your tattoo.

This is why we are working with a price per hour. The price varies per artist, more info via email.

We wil ask you to pay cash at the end of each tattoo-session. There's no terminal in the shop, you can only pay cash.

To confirm your appointment we will ask for a deposit which wil be subtracted from the price on your last session.

In case of annulation, please notify us in time (minimum 5 days), otherwise you may lose your deposit!